Monday, December 6, 2010

Some more Chanukah activities and Planning and Preparing

Here are a few more Chanukah activities that we have been doing over the past few days:

Made a dreidel out of ICE by pouring water into a plastic dreidle that usually comes with candy inside- the little guy really got a kick out of trying to spin it since it was so cold:)

We then made a Menorah out of Legos, he did this all by himself, very proud mama!
And here is our human dreidle!

And last but not least, Chanukah cookies!

Suri at asked me how I find time to prepare all the things we do-
So I figured I would turn it into a post, maybe it could be useful to others!

The truth is, I would love to say that I have a planner and sit down every week and make a plan for the week- but I don't. We have alot going on in our busy lives with some very unpredictable little ones at home and so I found a system that really works for us right now- this is it:

Every Sunday I fill the drawers with new activities and worksheets that I either made or from the Jewish curriculum resources on the side bar that I listed.

Then as the week goes by, I will refill them with new things. Its a nice way to organize, kind of a tweak on the Workbox system.

We also do ALOT of things spur of the moment, like baking and projects, games, etc.

I think that as the kids get older I will have a more organized schedule and curriculum, but for now, this really works for us!
Wishing all a happy last days of Chanukah!

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  1. was recently referred to your blog and i just wanted to tell you how amazing it is that you are sharing all this fabulous information with other jewish moms!

    im sure the homeschooling is super tough and extremely rewarding!!! so in awe of the fact that you are able and glad to educate your children the way you like - with the love only a mother can give. it's really fabulous and admirable!

    p.s. love those ice dreidels!
    if you'd add some drops of liquid tempura paint the kids could spin them (or the younger ones can rub them) over sheets of butcher paper. It makes a really pretty watercolor effect when dried...



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