Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shavuot Arts 'n Crafts and Books to read

Some fabulous Jewish books to read with a connection to Shavuot:
A Dozen Daizies for Raizy- A Shavuos Story by Rebecca Kempner
When the World was Quiet by Phyllis Nutkis
The Dancing Shul by Chaim Folgelman
Five Alive by Dina Rosenveld

We also listened to Uncle Moishy - Around the Jewish Year while doing our arts 'n crafts

Our Own Torah's

We made our own Torahs, everyone put something from the Torah inside their scroll and then decorated a cover. We used foam Alef Bet letters and shapes and sequins

Our Own Har Sinai
We used a foam half circle as Har Sinai and used plastic flowers to push in all around it. We then made Luchos out of scrapbooking paper and stuck Alef Bet stickers on them

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