Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adorable Rosh Hashanah Mobile

Okay, I made this for my kids last night and gave it to them to do today while I baked a bunch of Challahs. I didn't know it when I made it, but not only did they LOVE doing this, but it baught me like 45 MINUTES of time to bake!

Here it is with instructions, enjoy!

Rosh Hashanah Mobile- Click Here to print it out
1. Make sure to print it out on card stock or at least glue it onto some harder paper. You can also just laminate it if using regular paper.
2. Color each picture and explain how each picture connects to Rosh Hashanah
3. Cut out each picture including the Rosh Hashanah sign
4. Using a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of each picture (you dont need to use every picture, up to the kids)  and punch holes in the circle on the Rosh Hashanah sign
5. Using string or yarn, tie it to each picture and connect it to the sign. Tie string to the top of the sign to hang it up on the wall. My 4 year old got frustrated threading the yarn through the holes so he just taped the yarn to each picture. It all worked out!

 Have fun and Happy Yom Tov prepping!

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