Thursday, May 2, 2019

Book Review: The Shabbat Treasure by Evelyn Goldfinger

The Shabbat Treasure by Evelyn Goldfinger is a very sweet story about a little girl named Eve who is so excited to be getting ready for Shabbat. I just adore the way she dances in front of her mirror and looks outside at the sky dreamily imagining when the Shabbat Queen will arrive.

 Her adventurous little brother Leo, however, seems to have some other ideas. He has taken the 3 Shabbat elements (the candlesticks, the challah, and the wine) and hidden them around the house and has now sent Eve on a mission to find them.

She does so with a smile as she dances through the house, completing each of Leo's challenges to find them- but then something unfortunate happens. 

You see the kind-hearted nature of Eve in how she deals with this event and how she treats her brother Leo.

Whether your child is in touch with their inner dancing princess or adventurous pirate, I am sure your child will love this story and it's colorful illustrations that go along with it.

I hope your little ones enjoy it as much as mine did,
Have a wonderful Shabbat,

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