Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Israelis at the Mall

If you look at a globe and take your left hand and place it on Hawaii then your right hand and place it on Israel, you will see that these two places are literally back to back, on complete opposite ends of the globe.

Many Israelis come here to work in those famous kiosks in the malls selling Dead Sea products, Hair products etc. They are really really good at what they do. Some of them come here for 6 months, some for a year. Either way we end up meeting lots of them as they often join us for Shabbos. No matter who it is, the moment they step foot into our home on a Friday night, there is this instant feeling for them of home. The smell of fresh challah, hot chicken soup on the stove, the many Israeli salads we serve, Matbucha, Chatzilim, Chumus, Techina.

Over the years we have developed some very close relationships with many of them, some who spent Shabbos with us every week, some who came every Friday night. Every time one of them left the island to go back home, they would always gift me with a lotion or a hair straightener or whatever it is they were selling. Lets just say I have built up such a collection I could probably open up my own Kiosk!

We often poke innocent fun at them for being such aggressive talented sales people and how good they are at selling their products.

There is one young man, Shlomi, who we have grown very close with. He comes here almost every Shabbos and he has become a part of the family. My kids adore him and he is just a sweet heart.

He often tells us about these amazing products that he sells and we just laugh it off telling him we are not buying any of it and we are sure its all great stuff.

This past Friday, in honor of Chanukah, Shlomi gifted me with 3 of the lotions that he sells. One for the eyes, one for the neck and one for the face. I told him I'm 36 and have no wrinkles but he made sure to point out that indeed, I apparently have a bunch of lines on my face, around my eyes and on my neck that I had never noticed before. I thanked him profusely for pointing them out to me. (Insert sarcasm font here).

He was then so excited to instruct me what to do, literally an hour before Shabbos. So we both stood in front of the big mirror at the entrance of our house and began... but I will tell you I definitely was skeptical.

I followed his exact directions only on the left side of my face so I would be able to see the contrast. Apparently the results were instant.  The lotions came with these adorable tiny spoons. I put a spoon on my finger and dabbed the eye cream around my eye.

Within seconds, this happened...
Look at the left eye how it just lifted up and all the little lines around it literally disappeared. It was so cool.

Then I put the neck lotion on my neck...
Like I said, I never noticed lines on my neck but I put it on my left side and the lines vanished. See some lines on the right? No lines on the left. So awesome.

And then I put the face lotion all over the left side of my face, check out the left side vs. the right. The lines literally disappeared before my eyes.

So no, this is not a beauty blog, and if you know me personally you know that daily mascara and moisturizer is as fancy as I get. But this stuff is amazing. And its a tiny jar with a years worth of lotion. You do it once a week. I felt I needed to share it with all of you.

I immediately did the other side of my face so I wouldn't get any weird looks from our Shabbos guests. 

I asked my hubby if he noticed anything different about me to which he answered the only safe answer he knows any time I ask him how I look- 'You look perfect.' So he was of no help for this one.

We had a bunch of people for dinner and all our regulars kept making comments to me- 'did you lose weight?' 'did you get some sun?' 'are you wearing make up?' Lots of nice compliments. I sounded like one of those Israelis at the table swearing how fabulous these products are! 

So, I asked Shlomi how much these products usually cost. I also told him I have a blog. I also said I would like him to offer these products to my readers at 45% off the price he usually sells them for and with free shipping. Not asking for much, right?

So if you want to treat yourself out, give Shlomi a call or e-mail him. How often do we pamper ourselves? These are the lotions Shlomi gave me, you can get one or all three:

Shlomi also said that for Rabbanit Danit, he will honor a 45% discount for my readers only and with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. You are all welcome. Just mention you saw the products on my blog. Shlomi: 808-495-6645 or slomo577@gmail.com

And just by the way, its been 5 days since I put on the lotions and the lines are still not there. Pretty awesome.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. Very tempting... I just texted him. Is Shlomo still on island? Thank you!


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