Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer tutoring... something to think about

 “Ma, is it 4 o’clock yet?” calls 10-year-old Yossi from the playroom. “I’m so excited! I can’t wait for my Chumash lesson to begin!”

Over the past four months, this conversation has been repeating itself in homes all over the word, as school children struggling with Gemara, Chumash, or Mishnayos eagerly await their live online lesson using the unique Shreiber Method, a series of skill-based, enjoyable lessons which help boys regain their confidence in learning. (At present the service is only available to boys, with a girls option presently in the works).

The Shreiber Method was first developed by Rabbi Levi Eisenberg, M.S. Ed, an experienced teacher and graduate of Yeshiva University’s prestigious Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. Through teaching various subjects across boys elementary and high school grades, Eisenberg witnessed many students struggling with these important Hebrew subjects. The students, often very bright and creative, were missing basic skills that could easily be taught. In an effort to help these students get back on track, The Shreiber Method was born.

The method helps students by focusing on two elements: 1. By providing some basic tools needed for independent learning in each subject, and 2. By focusing on content mastery. The combination of these two factors leads to an increased feeling of confidence in the subjects at hand, a confidence not previously experienced by these students. This newfound confidence naturally leads to a strong increase in enjoyment, motivation, and class participation.

“After just a few lessons using The Shreiber Method, Yossi's confidence shot through the roof,” says his Rebbi from Philadelphia, PA. “He went from hiding behind his sefer during Chumash period, to raising his hand to volunteer reading the Pasuk.”

Similar to learning how to ride a bicycle or learning how to ski, The Shreiber Method teaches the skills of learning in a student-led way; using the text directly, the student leads the lesson himself, guided by the instructor. There are no vocabulary drills, memorization, or tedious exercises. As a result of the student-led style, The Shreiber Method has proven effective using video call services such as Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

“My son actually came over to ME on Shabbos and asked to go over the Pasuk he had learned last week with Rabbi Eisenberg. He was eager to show me how he can do it all by himself,” describes a mother in Hawaii. “My son has actually grown to LOVE learning Chumash and looks forward to his tutoring session every week.”

The Shreiber Method is also a great option for homeschooled children who, while not necessarily struggling in their studies, have few options for lessons with a live teacher.  Most importantly, the Shreiber Method teaches the main skills necessary for independent learning, a primary goal for most homeschool parents.

The student-led aspect of the lessons has also proven to be successful with students facing ADHD or other learning challenges.

“Twenty three of our students have experienced exceptional success with the unique and creative Shreiber Method,” explains Rabbi Shimon Semp, Dean of Yeshiva Talpios in Monsey, N.Y., a mesivta high school for students with learning challenges.

The Shreiber Method is also unique in that there is no second-guessing if the lessons will be a smart investment of time, hope, and money.

“Immediately after the first or second lesson, the student and parent will be able to see for themselves if our method is producing the desired results” says Eisenberg. “We are confident that the results will speak for themselves. There are no empty promises.”

To better help the student, Rabbi Eisenberg remains in contact with the child’s parents and teacher throughout the process. After each lesson, the parents receive a summary of what was learned and accomplished. This ongoing communication ensures accountability from all sides, something sorely lacking from most traditional tutors. At the conclusion of the lessons, too, Rabbi Eisenberg will also remain in contact with both the parents and teacher, ensuring that the child finds his place and is learning and performing independently.

“I never enjoyed learning any of the Hebrew subjects in school,” concludes Yossi. “Most of the other kids in my class just knew how to read and translate better, and I was stuck. After my lessons with Rabbi Eisenberg I’m doing really well in class. I’m happy to go to school in the morning.”

To learn more about The Shreiber Method, or to reserve dates in the limited Summer schedule, call (323) 487- 9847, email, or visit

From my sons personal experience with Rabbi Levi, I cannot recommend his tutoring enough. It is such a relaxed and great way to get your son caught up or ahead of the game in Chumash or Gemara for the coming school year.

Wishing you all a wonderful week,

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