Monday, March 17, 2014

The Jewish Online School

As homeschoolers, we all have our own methods of homeschooling. Some of us have a background in education, some of us have homeschool Co-ops, some of us are just moms doing our best to give our kids the best Jewish education we can.

For those who could use the extra support or just a break, I introduce to you the Jewish Online School. 

The Jewish Online School is an online school offering Numerous Judaic studies. They have online classrooms where students get together a few times a week and a teacher teaches subjects that they wouldn't be able to learn because for some reason or another there is no available brick and mortar school near them for the students to learn or they do not have the necessary resources. The teachers are phenomenal and the students create Jewish friends from all over the world.

They currently have four different schools under one "roof":

1. Day School: Student have the option to attend school twice a week or four times a week. They have classes beginning through the day and night for the convenience of all families everywhere. The students learn Kriah, Chumash, Navi, Parshah, Dvar Torah, Ivrit, Yediot Kloliot and Yomim Tovim. 

2. Hebrew School: Students attend school once a week to learn about their Jewish Heritage, The teachers teach about Shabbat, Israel, Brachot, Kosher and about our Jewish History and upcoming holidays.
The subjects are taught in a very fun and interactive way with exciting arts 'n crafts and activities.

3. Conversational Hebrew Classes: Native Israelites teach this class. They teach students how to speak Hebrew through the curriculum Hebrew and Heritage.

4. Bar Mitzvah program and a special program for teens.

They try to accommodate all time zones.

If your family is involved in the military in any way, your student can join the school with a twenty two percent discount.

They offer a free trial of their classes so for those who would be interested, you can contact them at or call 718-713-3080.

The Jewish Homeschooling world is growing at a very rapid pace so the more resources we have, the more successful we all can be in our homeschooling journey.

May you all have a wonderful week,

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