Monday, November 18, 2013

Chanukah in Box and other Reviews

Below are some products I have reviewed for Chanukah along with links to where to purchase them- enjoy!

      Chanukkah In a Box Family Fun Kit from Jewish Holidays in a Box {Buy it Here}
      Inside the box you will find:
      * Chanukkah Bingo Game (4 players + 1 caller)
      * 4 Dreidels
      * Chanukkah Recipes & Chanukkah Songs
      * Blessings Tutorial on CD
      * Core Concepts, Background, Glossary
      * Chanukkah Thank You Notes
      * Coloring Activities & Chanukkah Decorating Materials 
Chanukah Bingo Game {Buy It Here}

The Jewish Holidays-Stories of Empowerment, Activities and Games for Kids, Teens, Teachers and Parents {Buy it Here}

Have a wonderful week!

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