Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Celebrating the Great Moments

I used to post lots of photos of my kids on my personal Facebook page. Birthday parties, cute new outfits, playing at the park.

A friend once commented how she loves how my kids are 'always happy'.

Um... yeah. That's because I don't post pictures of the fighting, the tantrums or the crying. I post pictures of the perfect little Princess on her 5th birthday, posing oh so cutely with her tiara and smile. Not the photo of the not so perfect Princess having a complete melt down from all the candy and cupcakes afterward.

When I first started Homeschooling, I would scour the internet for ideas of things to do with my little ones. I would stay up late preparing these adorable activities and crafts that looked so fun in the photos on the other mom blogs. I would be so excited for the day that lay ahead only to have my kids finish the activities in 5 minutes or have them not interested in doing it or one kid has a melt down because they are frustrated from trying to take a sticker off the paper... you get the picture.

So yes, its not easy. And there are enough real moms out there who are happy to say it like it is. Our kids are not perfect and neither are we.

But... as a mom and as a homeschooler, I can tell you that there are some really truly perfectly wonderful moments that you just don't want to miss out on. And just like we deal with and talk about the difficulties, it is so important to celebrate the pleasures.

I was sitting with my 7 year old this morning and we were learning this weeks Parshah from inside the Chumash. As he read the words and I helped him translate, his eyes just lit up. You could feel the pleasure he was getting from learning our precious Torah. And I savored that moment. 

Watching my 4 year old helping his little sisters come up with a compromise on who gets to have the stuffed rainbow fish and who gets to have the squishy giraffe was amazing. I took in that moment like a vanilla latte. 

So when you find one of those moments, enjoy it and take it in like you would a chocolate truffle.

Have a beautiful week,

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