Wednesday, July 24, 2013

'Dot by Dot' Creative Kriah Workbook Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

I was fortunate to receive a beautiful copy of  Creative Kriah Workbook, Volume 1 by Dot by Dot to review.

What I personally love about this workbook is the clean and clear look. Click Here to see some sample pages of the book. Every page is color, there are 25 pages of activities for EACH vowel as well as a variety of skill based worksheets which makes practicing to read lots and lots of fun. Just ask my 5 year old. While my kids were all playing outside, I was on my beach chair paging through the workbook- hence the shadows on the pictures below.

My daughter ran over to take a peek and immediately asked me if she could get her crayons, scissors and glue and do some of the activities. It was such a pleasure to watch her do each page. To think she asked ME if she could do them. 

You can Click Here to download 6 full color worksheets from the book for your kids to try out. 

You can then head on over to to buy the book before August 1st to get 10% off OR you can enter the Giveaway and win a $25 Gift Certificate to Dot by Dot!

Included with the Workbook was an adorable game which my kids played and really enjoyed.

You can actually sign up to receive a FREE Hebrew Reading Game EVERY month, just like the one above. Yes. I said FREE. And I said EVERY month. Just Click Here. Put in your info. And that's it.

Now enter the Raffle to win!

Good Luck and have a Fabulous Week! 
More Giveaways still to come...


  1. I signed up for the free monthly Hebrew game. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, looks amazing :)

  3. The tic tac toe kriah page looks fun in the DotbyDot workbook!

  4. Thanks for the opportunity! I think my son would enjoy matching the letters that make similar sounds. I also liked to look for the kriyah tic tac toe game.


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