Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clean Your Room!!!

"Clean Your Room!!!"- how often do we find ourselves saying these 3 little words to our little tykes?

And so they go to their rooms, completely overwhelmed not even knowing where to start and end up sitting on the floor playing with whatever it is that's there. Sound familiar to anyone?

Well, I came up a with such a fabulous solution that works like a charm with my kiddos.

The "6 Minute Room Clean-Up"
We get a timer and each kiddo gets a little list on a mini clip board with a marker. I especially made the check list small so they realize there really is not alot to do. I tell them that they each have exactly SIX MINUTES to pick every single thing up off the floor and put it where it belongs. I put the garbage can, laundry basket, a small box for any toys that made their way into their rooms and  a cup for any stray pencils or crayons all next to each other and as they do each task, they check it off on their little list. Toys go in box, books on bookshelf, dirty clothes in hamper, clean clothes in closet, pencils in cup and garbage into the garbage can.

Miscellaneous stuff remains in a small pile in the center of the room and we quickly figure out where it goes before time is up.

Giving them 6 minutes gives them a time frame and the realization that it is not a long time to be tidying up, making it no real biggy.

Their bedrooms are really not that bad on a daily basis, they are pretty good keeping them tidy, but things happen and some days I look at their rooms and wonder how in the world it got so messy- and that's when I get out the mini clip boards and put those little people to work!

Feel free to Click Here to print out the little checklists or make your own. The key is mini lists and small time frames. 

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

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