Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parshas Noach

Ok, so this is a pretty easy and enjoyable Parshah to learn- I mean which kids don't love the story of Noah's ark, right?

There are endless games, crafts, activities, worksheets etc. to do and as I come across fun ones and ideas I hope to post them.

We just happen to have a few fun things to play with, read and create with - and it just so happened that as we were reading the story from our Parshah Reader this morning, we looked outside the window only to see the most gorgeous rainbow across the sky:)

So this is a felt book of Noahs Ark, it comes with a bunch of felt animals and things to go with the story. The kids had fun reenacting the events, with their own little Noach and his wife, Naama. I picked it up at Ross a while ago, they have lots of different themes in these books:

This little puppet book was given to us as a gift from a friend. She got it from Borders Book Store. Its a hand puppet with a mini book on the hand with a short version of the story.
We then went on to build our own ark out of big bricks. Garbage on the bottom, animals in the middle and Noach and his family on the top. We discussed how there were 7 pairs of Kosher animals and 1 pair of non-kosher animals.
Here are a few links to some fun stuff to do with this Parshah:

My munchkin took a little time out to make a necklace out of erasers and pipe cleaners. I am really into finding things like this for her to do as she really enjoys them and has great concentration. Elizabeth, an awesome Jewish mom from Creative Learning Fun has got some fabulous ideas to do with little ones-
I am hoping to post our 'curriculum' this week, more for myself to see exactly what we're doing with each kiddo as this past month has just been so busy with the new babies and high holidays and all- but now its back to 'school' and routine! Wish me luck in getting it all together:)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog! :) Thank you for the activity links. I really appreciate it!

    ~ Elizabeth


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