Monday, August 2, 2010

Souper Suppers and Keeping the Munchkins busy

Ok, I will admit, my kids are all picky eaters- except Munchkin- she LOVES veges, we're talking broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes and more...

But the others- nope. Nothing doing.

So I got myself 2 cookbooks which I have listed below: The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious and from there, I got tons of great ideas how to hide great food in my kids favorite foods. In fact, I actually started a blog, but just couldn't keep up with it- but here it is, just a couple of ideas that I've done and worked like a charm-

And I try make a different vege soup with dinner every night so I know that they are getting a nice full serving of veges every day. I never use soup cubes, just plane old salt'n pepper with whatever veges I throw in there and puree. And they love Osem Soup Croutons that we find at the local Safeway supermarket (for a ridiculous price but I tell my hubby that its worth it if it gets the kids to eat the soup:)

And our cleaning help and babysitter both quit so this week has been so challenging... but thanks to a few great new toys that our good friends gave us (they are moving to Israel and getting rid of everything) the tots have been busy and happy which means mommy is happy too:)

I posted the toys that they gave us and highly recommend them-

Okay, my feet are up and I'm off to watch my Grey's Anatomy reruns (my hubby bought me the entire set!!!- yes, I am a total sucker for this show)

Here's to a great week and getting ready for the upcoming school year~

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