Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Jewish Atmosphere Always, Down time, MESSY finger paints and a DIY Hotel with a moving elevator

Since we don't live in a Jewish community, we really try to always have a Jewish atmosphere going on all around us... that means that our home is FILLED with Jewish books and DVD's and there is ALWAYS Jewish music playing in the house AND the car... here are a few of our favorites and if you need a review on any music, books or DVD's, we have quite the collection so don't be shy to ask!

I usually only do QUICK and EASY arts' n crafts, but we decided to MAKE our own finger paints- it was definitiely time consuming and messy, but the kids LOVED it and made fabulous pictures and hand prints and foot prints and painted the table and the floor and each other and then I hosed them down and since it is made with dish soap, next thing we knew we had a whole bubble fest! So yes, I only reccomend this activity if you have the time, the patience and the space and the freedom to let your kids get REALLY messy:)

Here is the recipe which I got from the Family Fun book listed in one of the previous posts:

Mix together 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1/3 cup of cornstarch in a small pan, then slowly add 2 cups of cold water.

Cook over low heat, stirring until the mixture becomes a smooth, almost clear gel (about 5 minutes).

When it's cool, stir in 1/4 cup clear dishwashing liquid.

Scoop equal amounts of the mixture into containers and stir in food coloring (or, for even more vibrant colors, use food coloring paste).

We had a nice big box and my Little Einstein decided he wants to make a hotel with an elevator... so we cut windows and a door and then made an elevator that he can put his little mentchies into and pull the elevator up and down with a string attached to a hook on the top of the hotel...

The Elevator with passangers ready to ride:)
And then for down time, while the little ones nap, Little Einstein usually watches a DVD, plays a computer game or does a work book which we get from Costco or Borders- here are some of the work books he loves:

Wishing all a Good Shabbos!


  1. wow! looks like such an amazing, fun time and so right up my alley! your photos are gorgeous, i'm excited to try the finger paint recipe and i think we may be "jewish homeschooling separated twins!" i found you through "matzohsoup" and am so very glad that i did!!

  2. I read some of your articles, and yes yes YES- we may very well be "homeschooling separated twins"... I LOVE the way you write and your outlook on life and am excited to see what comes next:)

  3. I just printed your chicken recipe and I can't wait to enjoy it. I recently started to homeschool my daughter, 6th grade, through an on-line academy. I really like it; however, I don't know what to do when the homework is done. Lots of free time it seems. Any suggestions or comments.


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